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Operations are strictly organised and occur in accordance with fixed procedures. The plant is operated from the control room, which is continually manned by operator teams.
A team consists of:
1. shift supervisor
2. deputy shift supervisor
3. reactor and turbine operators
4. shift engineers
5. firefighters
They work on the basis of procedures and observe strict operational discipline. In the event of irregularities, the emergency response team meets. If a serious incident occurs, the nuclear plant can be shut down with one touch of the emergency stop button. A standby shift can always be called in.
Operators learn from experience. The plant is shut down once a year for ‘maintenance downtime’ and for the fuel rods to be changed. Every ten years ‘major maintenance’ is carried out, and the plant is updated to the latest technologies.
Important operational decision-making occurs in teams. Our operators train for normal and abnormal situations in simulator.


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